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General Overview of the Program

The Bachelor Programs are really professional reparations for students in their careers. This programs are specially prepares with very carefully arranged subjects after the foundation year in the first year, the lecturer assigned to teach each subject is prepared, experienced and academically qualified. The curriculum prepares the graduates for the challenge ahead. Phnom Penh Institute of Technology offers a Bachelor program in: Civil Engineering, Architecture, Electronically & Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical, English Literature and Information Technology.

Careers Opportunities

Students who graduated from the Bachelor Programs are ready to work. Their capabilities depend on there area of specialization. For students are already working and at the same time taking their bachelor degree, their learning in the classroom allow them to integrate theory and practice. This motivates them to work harder both in the classroom and in their work place.

Degree / Certificated Offered

After the students have successfully completed and graduated 4 or 5 years program, Phnom Penh Institute of Technology offers Bachelor Degree Diploma. With this degree they have the ability to find a job or they can continue to Master Program.

Curriculum Structure:

In Phnom Penh Institute of Technology, Bachelor program comprises 5 academic years or 10 semesters for bachelor in Civil Engineering, Architecture, Electronically & Electrical Engineering, Computer Science e Mechanical and 4 academic years or 8 semesters for bachelor in English Literature and Information. Each course has different credits depending on subject. The student needs to complete the final project at the end of each semester as well as to get examination.


Foundation Year Course, required for all first-year students, consists of liberal arts curriculum that will help students gain vital general knowledge to better prepare them for a rigorous university education.


Education with wisdom and excellence.


To strengthen general knowledge that is the foundation for students to acquire an internationally standardized education.


  • To actively take part in human resource development through globalization and sustainability
  • To strengthen the quality and improve the capacity of students to become responsible, well-informed citizens
  • To sustain social development, build up peace and resolve conflicts through non-violence means
  • To educate students with international standardized curriculum that includes knowledge on environmental issues, community service, gender and development
  • To enhance students capacity with research and critical thinking skills needed for global job markets and for advanced studies abroad
  • To create opportunities for students to practice what they have learned while still in school.

Sakura Exchange Program in Science

JST missioners meeting with PPIT board of director

Application form can be downloaded here and can be filled in by using computer, priting it out and submitting to our staff.

1. Application form "Course A"  [Download]

2. Application form "Course B"  [Download]

3. Application form "Course C" [Download]

YAMADA Scholarship 2017-2018

Candidate List of Yamada Scholarship
  1. Morning Exam List [Download]
  2. Afternoon Exam List [Download]
  3. Exam Timetable [Download]
  4. Exam Rules and Regulations [Download]
  5. Result Timeline [Download]
Semester Commencement
06 - November - 2017
Mon - Fri: 8:00 am - 11:00am | 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Mon - Fri: 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Sat - Sun: 7:00 - 11:30am | 1:00pm - 5:30pm
For more detail Call : 023 900 049/016 380 602
Download Application Forms

Admission form can be downloaded here and can be filled in by using computer, priting it out and submitting to our staff.

1. Application form for admission [Download]

2. Electronic application form [Download]

2. Sample application form for admission [Download]

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